Orishaba Paul

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Orishaba Paul


Personal Information

Orishaba Paul is a phytomedicine expert with a Bachelor of Science degree in Ethnobotany from Makerere University, with majors in Phytochemistry and Ethnopharmacology. He believes in the healing power of natural medicine and is passionate about healing people naturally. He stresses that for one to obtain optimal health, a holistic approach is a must.

He holds certificates in Advocacy for harmonic Health and Natural Products Research from the Natural Chemotherapeutics Research Institute. He also holds a certificate in natural product formulation from the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC).

He has been involved in different research projects ranging from ethnobotanical surveys to drug safety, and efficacy studies. Additionally, he was also involved with the presidential initiative for skilling the youth where he introduced them to natural products formulations.

Currently, he is the head of the herbal medicine department at Nella Wellness where he is involved in natural product formulations and consultancy.